About This Blog: Storytelling in Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality and 360-Degree Video is Here

And, like many others, I am convinced this medium won’t leave the stage anytime soon. The largest remaining question ponders how we use this new medium to create an experience extending beyond a mere moment of fear or fright – an experience that does not simply teleport the viewer to a remote place to have a look-around?

In Short: How Do We Tell a Story?

I have yet to find the answer. However – just like me – many filmmakers, journalists, and game developers are exploring the same question. In the process, filmmakers find themselves at a loss as their trusted tools, such as classic editing techniques, are no longer transferrable to this new medium without further ado. And the gaming industry – as usual when faced with new technologies – has stormed ahead and won over a technically perfectly equipped and prosperous nerd community while the rest of the world remains quite clueless of what exactly is going on.

Storytelling in Virtual Reality: This Is the Beginning

Many questions remain wide open and require a healthy dose of inventiveness and creativity to find solutions: what would compelling storytelling look like in virtual reality? Which stories are suitable? How are VR technologies and VR narrative techniques connected? Where do Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality come into play? And who is already working on this in Germany and around the globe?

My Search for Answers

This blog accumulates my explorations and findings into existing solutions. I delve into literature, scour the internet, research, ask experts, observe craftspeople and creative types, and try, try, try (more on this on VR chive). VR Geschichten is meant for intrigued filmmakers, storytellers, and people curious to hear about the fascinating stories revolving around this subject.

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