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Pola Weiß, born 1984, interested in technology and looking for adventure, series junkie, film festival fanatic

VR Geschichten: A blog about storytelling in VR, AR and 360 degreess (c) Pola Weiß/ René Otto

I initially studied psychology at the Free University of Berlin and received my majors in 2012. Right from the beginning, I yearned to study in Paris for a year. However, this never came to fruition – instead, I was pulled to French-speaking Switzerland for a year. Looking back, this turned out to be a very fortunate turn of events! In Lausanne, I encountered a genre of film that I had not experienced in this capacity in Germany: the feature-length documentary.

As thrilling as a motion picture and as touching as only real life can be – this was true love.

Back in Germany, a number of internships and jobs at documentary studios and TV production companies ensued, including such companies as INDI FILM in Berlin/Stuttgart and TELLVISION in Munich. In 2014, I was called in to the SWR Television’s cultural documentaries editorial department in Baden-Baden, southern Germany. There, I started working as an editorial associate before becoming an editor. I was responsible for planning SWR Kultur’s Sunday program called Kulturmatinée, as well as working on documentary and cultural documentary productions for SWR Television, Das Erste, and ARTE.

The ARTE online platforms (most importantly, ARTE Creative) led me to the vast depths of the internet: true love, anew. I especially enjoyed working on transmedia ideas ever since. This included work as an editor for the SWR/ARTE coproduction SOUNDHUNTERS in 2015 (Prod.: a_bahn), followed by BOOK & AWAY in 2016 (Prod.: Florian Film), likewise in collaboration with ARTE.

Then, Virtual Reality entered the scene – growing in size, garnering attention, and improving on a technical level. It just wouldn’t let go of me anymore. I finally launched VR Geschichten in May of 2017 and have since been discovering the breadth of virtual storytelling from my base in Berlin.

In early 2020, I left the TV world (my last position was as editor at the DW, the international German broadcaster) and started my new life as a full-time freelancer. Now, I happily work as content writer for companies and institutions with a focus on technology, media and – for sure – Virtual and Augmented Reality. Aditionnally, I help XR creators as storytelling consultant to create more compelling stories and a deeper immersion for their users.

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