Arden’s Wake, an Ocean of Tears

Oh, how long the wait. If only you heard me sigh: finally, it’s here. Penrose Studio’s new VR film, Arden’s Wake, has arrived — this is one title you do not want to miss. It is a tearful family story; a dive into uncertain depths.

BattleScar: Punk Rules the World

About two years ago, I caught a glimpse of the beginning of the VR film BattleScar – instantly, I fell in love: with the film, its main protagonist, Lupe, the rhythm, the music, the style, the groove. Now, it has finally reached completion and awaits its release. One thing is certain: it’ll be the party of the year!

The Key: Straddling Mystery and Harsh Reality

The time has come for me to finally dedicate a long segment to The Key. Celine Tricart’s interactive VR film has been snatching one award after the other and certainly revolves around a current topic. I had the opportunity to watch The Key already and the even absolute pleasure to chat with the director.