On My Behalf: VR Geschichten is Looking for Contributors

It’s been quite a while since my last announcement; and today, I am calling to you, for VR Geschichten is looking for guest contributions. Are you working in the business of VR and want to share your experiences with us? Maybe you’re currently writing your thesis on immersive topics and would like to publish some excerpts? Would you like to write about an XR storytelling event that you’ve been to? Or just talk about a really cool VR experience? Alright then, step right up!

Why More VR Storytellers?

VR Geschichten is growing – my list of topics for coming blog posts keeps on growing and I’m receiving more and more enticing invitations and project recommendations to take a look at. So, all is well? Almost, as I am missing just one thing: enough time to cover all of these things. I would thus be very happy indeed to have more storytellers join me.

And the breadth of topics does not appear to be shrinking – on the contrary: at conferences and festivals, I meet a lot of newbie and veteran VR enthusiasts – most of which have been contemplating about storytelling; be that in the area of gaming, film, or even education. Often enough, they come up with ideas I wouldn’t have dreamed of – which is another reason why I would like to open VR Geschichten to guest contributions.

Give Me a Shout

So, if you have a half-finished draft sitting in your desk drawer or your mind has been running circles around a specific topic for ages, don’t hesitate to write to me. As for fans of horror: you are very welcome to have a go at it – as I wince at the thought of anything scarier than Buffy. Anything goes, so long as the subject is based around dramaturgy in VR, AR or other immersive arts. You can enter individual guest contributions, experience reports, or even regularly appearing texts – ranging from snippets to essays.

One last thing – dear ladies, this is for you: the XR sector has already brought forward so many creative and successful women, but it is almost exclusively men who report on it. Shouldn’t we just go ahead and change that?

(Gents: you are welcome, too, of course!) I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Published by Pola Weiß

#Psychologist #FilmFanatic #CineBinger #TVandOnlineEditor ## Well told stories have always captivated me, no matter where they came from. I happened upon the incredible world of virtual reality while working in the bustling media sector (including SWR and ARTE). I finally launched VR Geschichten in 2017 and have since been discovering the unending depths of VR from my base in Berlin.

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